Future Doctors
Future Doctors
June 22th - June 26th
A camp for 6th-8th graders interested in medicine and ready to learn the basics of a variety of medical fields. Students will utilize online activities and projects to learn about the different medical fields and their specialties. 

Camp Details

Our Future Doctors camp is a camp aimed at 6th-8th graders to help them engage with a variety of medical concepts in all fields the basic medical fields. Each day of the camp will be aimed at a different field of medicine and will give kids an in-depth look on each of them. Along with this are instructors will go over what classes, clubs, and competitions will be good for the students to take in the future. All of our instructors for the camp are highly knowledgable bout the medical fields and have put hundreds of hours of work in both Medical research and volunteering.

Cupertino Virtual Institute hosts video call based summer camps to keep kids safe during the Covid-19 crisis. We hope to give kids a chance to learn new skills and have fun while staying home and being safe.


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